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After reading the memoirs contained within this Book series you will better understand the struggle that I and so many others have been fighting for. Truly the good fight for Liberty and Love for all others in the Kingdom of Heaven at hand today in America. Of course so many others from all around the world have actually participated in this struggle against the Love of Money truly the root of so much evil on behalf of America’s Veterans and their affected family members coming from every branch of the military. Most all of mankind are in agreement that no American Veteran or any other member of the Human race should suffer so much physically and mentally that they commit the unpardonable Sin “Suicide” for any reason and certainly not because of delays and denials in Holistic Healthcare.

All of mankind including every Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Muslim even every Jew and Pagan are all actually members of the Body of Christ according to the Original Christian teachings held to this day in the Russian Orthodox Christian Church the keeper of the truth of Deification Being God’s purpose for all of mankind. Even the truth of how Christ is actually the Eternal Tao and how all this relates to the actual definition of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Chronic pain affects all of mankind physically and mentally. There is a cause and effect for everything under the sun today. Holistic Healthcare is truly the solution for so many of the problems we all face today and will soon face tomorrow as we age. Promoting an Honest healthy lifestyle will help everyone. Without Truth and Honesty their will not be any faithfulness in any Kingdom of Heaven. Just like every Master wants a faithful Servant so every Servant wants a faithful master. We are all in this together bearing each other’s burdens even taking the form of each other’s Sin’s from time to time. With Unconditional Love and Pure Intentions, we can all work together solving every problem, building successful communities and states across the Whole World. Through the law of change we can all help with the Diversity of ideas spread out among all of us. Even more so when we possess a burning desire within our minds to create one world one love. The Paradises everyone can enjoy and partake of in a multi polar world.

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