Joseph S. Turner Biography

Activist 1966- Present

Joseph TurnerJoseph Turner a Disabled Veteran and member of the LGBT community is the first person allowed to write a memoir detailing a very specific struggle fighting for what is truly right Liberty and Love for all others.

Joseph’s story is one of Survival, Redemption and Salvation involving all of mankind. Joseph was actually forced into a Secret NSA sponsored Gay conversion therapy program that was actually being forced upon him and so many other Americans unknowingly of course by Western European NSA Operatives masquerading as Priests in so called places of Holy Worship who quite likely were Secretly trying to create a Deity. At the same time Joseph was deliberately being turned away for needed medical care by the Oklahoma City Veterans Hospital while also being denied both Social Security disability benefits and Veterans Disability benefits all at the hands of the same corrupt bureaucracy running the United States (New World) which is actually being run by the Old World and so many of the business owners we all do business with daily. All of this and so much more Corruption and Chaos are brought to light. In these memoirs you will get to take a look behind the scenes of the World Stage and see so much more than what anyone who was looking ever thought was possible even the truth of how this is the actual Kingdom of Heaven hidden from the Minds of Western mankind by the Heresy Western Christianity had fallen into so long ago. Of course all that is revealed would not have been possible except for the grace revealed in the Law of Change and the truth of how the Spiritual World is actually being made daily.

Aided by the NSA Surveillance system deployed across America today and the Actions of a supposedly Rogue NSA Operative named Edward Snowden and a dedicated Journalist named Glenn Greenwald. Oh and let’s not forget the Prayers of Holy Mother Russia and the Buddhist chants and pleas from China, Vietnam and even the Dali Lama himself and last but actually not least all the help from Great Britain and so many others living across America and the World today…


It is very difficult to image all the Pain, Anxiety and Depression one can experience living under the constant burden of Severe Chronic pain while also having a traumatic brain injury. Imagine Having excellent health insurance and being a service connected disabled veteran yet being constantly turned away for needed medical and psychological care by the Oklahoma City VA hospital. Unfortunately, this happened not just to me but also to many other fellow American Veterans daily across this country for too many years. Because of the tremendous suffering that I was forced to endure for many years while observing so many others like myself also enduring the same unfortunate circumstance I mindfully decided to fight against this terrible injustice by filing lawsuits and advocating for Veterans Healthcare and benefits reform with the Oklahoma Hospital association and its director Craig Jones. What I found out in time was the Oklahoma Hospital association and 3 big Oklahoma law firms actually wrote additional legislation presented it as a state question hiding its true intent by labeling it as anti-Obama Care propaganda tricking Oklahoma’s voters into taking away the right of Veterans in Oklahoma to seek compensation through lawsuit for failure to treat as a form of medical malpractice. Unknown to myself at the same time I was actually under constant U.S Government surveillance activities associated with being involved in a Secret NSA sponsored Gay Conversion therapy program. A program that in my case involved tremendous mental and physical suffering, deprivation of sex even one with arranged marriages all happening unknowingly to me and likely to many thousands of other LGBTQ americans by let’s just say NSA operatives masquerading as Priests in supposed holy places of worship. Of course they are actually Western European NSA operatives working for the church in the New World (the United States of America) that is still being run by the Old World (Europe). This is part of the actual story of how same sex marriage was actually approved in the United States after revelations were revealed through additional NSA surveillance taking place at the same time in another of these supposed holy places of Worship this one is called Holy Ascension Orthodox Christian Church and is located in Norman, Oklahoma. Now you know the Truth that the VA healthcare scandal and so much more originated in Oklahoma not Arizona. After reading this series you will also know a little more truth even the truth of how America finally gets its Independence 160 plus years’ later from Europe thanks to Great Britain and the Brexit. Now you can see why I was made the example by so many powerful people around the World. I am the person Edward Snowden Left the United States over and this is the actual story behind the book “No place to hide”. The elite all around the world all know these truth’s. Now it’s time for so many common people in America to also know the truth that so many in Europe, China, Russia even all around the world already know. I explain why Edward Snowden Went to China and then Russia how this relates and actually unfolded in Taiwan even how Vietnam NSA operatives are involved.

This is my side of the story told through the lens of how I actually see the World today. How all the Chaos and Corruption happening daily has become possible and seems to continue to be happening not just in Oklahoma but even all across the United States and the World today. Caused in part by the views we all hold so tightly to the point that our minds become so closed that we can no longer reflect the truth and see what is actually best for all of us Liberty and Love for all others. Even the truth of who Christ really represents all of us in this One Nation under God actually in the Kingdom of Heaven at hand. Of course it involves the Love of money, Religion, God, Criminal Justice Reform, Legal marijuana, Marriage equality, Holistic Healthcare, Black Life’s Matter and a few of the earliest truths held by the Original Christian Church in its original teachings. Truths hidden today from the minds of so many and the need for Mindfulness, Contemplation and Watchfulness. It involves wars fought for the control of Oil pipelines and sales to Europe. I reveal the cause of the Syrian War even how all this relates to so many geopolitical events including WWI, WWII, and so many of the wars raging in the middle east during the past 50 plus years how these relate to 9/11 and the Brexit. Certainly the Russians and Chinese are involved so is Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Italy and France actually the whole G-20 and so many more countries are also involved in this story. I will finish by just saying the story has so many turns and twists you will actually become very enlightened by the end of the 5th book but the story doesn’t end there. I am currently working on the 6th book today titled The Honest Healthy Holistic Lifestyle. If you live in Oklahoma City I hope you will get yourself a cup of coffee or some hot green tea at the Red Cup café enjoy the company of some fine Oklahoman’s and start reading this truly amazing story…